School Evaluation Summary

This project was a very good learning experience for me. The school I chose to survey is a virtual school. Since it is a virtual school, it is dependent on technology. The survey process helped me understand what procedures are used in the technology decision making process.

I started by using the Maturity Model Benchmarks to formulate questions that I would use in interviews and teacher surveys. I enjoyed interviewing a school board member, principal, and vice principal. I learned a lot about how and why decisions are made about the technology for the school. Even though each interviewee had their own perspectives, they all had a clear vision of where the school is technologically and where it is going in the future.

The surveys completed by the teachers helped me understand their perspective about technology used for online teaching. They use technology to communicate, conduct synchronous lessons, monitor progress, access grade books, grade student work, and provide interventions. At times, it can seem overwhelming especially the first year being an online teacher in a K-12 school.

I used the information I gathered in the interviews and the surveys and used them to rank the schools technology use using the Maturity Model Benchmarks.