Tech Trends Assignment

Horizon Report Tech Trend

While reading the NMC Horizon Report, I was inspired to try to find a way to use an iPad app in a lesson. Since a lot of students already use this technology, I thought this would be a great way to engage students. I will be working on figurative language with my class soon so I decided to look for apps that I could use to help enhance the lesson. I stumbled upon the Idioms app. After downloading it, I played with it for a little while before I figured out how I could use this in a classroom setting. In the lesson, students will use the Idiom app to look up the meaning and an example of the idioms they are provided. They will also take a quiz and send the results to the instructor. 

I also wanted to incorporate a technology standard to this language arts lesson. I have used Media Chalk with my class before and my student loved it. This program is used to create digital animated movies right from the computer. It has backgrounds and characters to choose from. Students can also record their voice or add music to their movies. In my tech trend lesson plan, students will use Media Chalk to share what they have learned about idioms.