Worked Example Screencast

The last project for EdTech 513 was to create a worked example screencast. A worked example shows the step by step process of a task or problem solving.  I used Adobe Presenter for this project. This program works with PowerPoint and allows you to use your webcam when recording (I did not use mine for this project though) and can also record what you are doing on your screen as well.

For this project, I created a worked example for my students to explain how to use discussion boards. The discussion boards have been hard for my students because they did not understand what they needed to do. Many of them would just reply to other student’s post and not create a new thread. I hope this video will help them understand what is expected and how to use them effectively.


Digital Storytelling

I used Adobe Premiere Elements to put the digital story together. This program is fairly easy to use; however, there are still many things I need to learn about it.

Deciding what to write for the digital story was very hard for me. Then, I thought about what the advice I give my students when writing. I tell them to write about what they know. So I decided to do the digital story on our trip to Panama.

I think that students (especially those that don’t like writing) would enjoy taking some pictures from a trip they took with their family and use them to write a short narration about their experience. This could be an example for them to view.






Podcast: Teaching Writing in a Virtual Environment

For this assignment, I created a podcast for writing in the virtual learning environment. I chose this topic because this as been one of the struggles I have had moving from a brick and mortar school to an online school. This assignment has been hard for me. Since I was working with a broken finger, editing was very difficult and could not edit it as much as I will in the future. I used Audacity to record and edit this episode. This program is nice because it is fairly easy to navigate and it is free.

This is my first time using Dropbox. This online program that allows you to add documents to access from anywhere you have internet access. It was easy to install and use. Below is the link to this file for my introduction podcast on teaching writing in a virtual environment.

Teaching Writing in a Virtual Environment: Episode 1.

Outline of Episode 1:

  1. Show intro monologue
  2. Intro music
  3. Different than brick and mortar schools
  4. What has worked well
  5. Interlude music
  6. Graphic organizers- synchronous lessons/recordings
  7. Closing remarks
  8. Closing music



Contiguity Multimedia Instruction

I created a simple presentation to show how to show students how to use a protractor. This is a skill students must know in order to measure angles. This presentation uses the principles of multimedia and contiguity because the images go with the instruction. There is very little text in the presentation so that learners focus and attention is on the skill being taught.

Creating My Learning Log

I created this blog in one of the first classes I took at Boise State University. The original post for creating this learning log is titled “Learning Log Assignment”.

I have taken other classes since then but have not updated this blog since the end of my first semester. For EdTech 513, I need to use this for our class. I have been playing with the dashboard to get familialr with it again. Since I am using it again, I plan on updating it with artifacts from my previous courses too.

Digital Inequality Assignment

Digital divide refers the gap between people who have access to technology and those who do not. As this gap closes, digital inequality becomes a bigger issue. Digital inequality refers to factors that relate to technology use. There are many people that have out of date technology and software, inadequate internet speed, or the lack of skills needed to use the technology effectively. In our society today, we use the internet to apply for jobs, apply for benefits, and network with others. Digital inequality is something I did not think about until this project. This assignment helped me realize the need of digital equality. Little things I take for granted such as my computer, internet connection, and smart phone are tools I use daily that many people are not familiar with.

The digital inequality assignment was a group project. It was nice to work with others on this project. We had people from all over the world working together. For this project, we needed to provide the State Superintendent of Public Education information on seven different options to address digital inequality in the state. We chose to use the state of Arizona for our project since it has a diverse population. I live in Arizona and did not know that recently, Arizona Public Computer Centers project spent approximately $1,600,000 to increase the number of computers in Arizona public libraries. This project brought more than 1,000 computers to the public libraries in Arizona. This program was designed to help citizens that have no access to computers or the internet.

For this assignment, we used Google slides to create our presentation. This is a great way to collaborate on slides with others. You can see what changes have been made by each team member and you can send an email to the group from the presentation.

Learning Log Assignment

I am using WordPress for my Learning Log. This was a new program for me so I had to take some time to play around with it in order to learn how to use it. I am still finding new things each time I open it up. This has been a great learning experience.

WordPress is a great program to use for this assignment because I can post the artifacts I create in different classes in one place. The Tag Cloud widget makes it easy to sort the posted artifacts. This is a great way to organize and reflect on my learning.